Third Party Insurance – Liability (TPI or TPL)

Includes in the rental cost.
The renter’s liability covered for material damages, for death and for bodily injuries to third parties.

Personal Accident Insurance (PAI)

Includes in the rental cost.
This insurance covers the driver and the passengers in case of an accident.

Fire Insurance

Includes in the rental cost of Economy Cover and Full Cover.

Collision Damage Waiver C.D.W.

Includes in the rental cost.
With this insurance in case of damage the renter’s liability limits to an excess amount.
The excess amounts can be seen detailed on the 3rd step on the reservation.
For the deposit we accept all types of cards and also cash.

Full Damage Waiver (Full Cover)

In the event of damage, you are required to pay a significantly lower amount.
This means that F.D.W. offers a huge difference in your risk and is the nearest you can find to zero deposit.
This insurance cover is optional and the extra cost depends on the group of the chosen vehicle.
The amount of 100 euros (or more if bigger category) will be authorized against your card at the time of the rental. This amount will no longer be available for your immediate use and will stay frozen for up to 15-30 days, depending on your bank, to become available.
Also, there is the option to leave cash at the office as a deposit that you take back after your car drop off.

Theft insurance

Theft insurance is included in the Full Cover.
This insurance also doesn’t cover theft of personal belongings.

Vehicle Cleaning Charge

If you return the car very dirty and the car need special cleaning inside, then you will be charged 50 euros for the special cleaning of the vehicle.

What is not covered by any insurance:

  • Traffic Law Violation
  • Unauthorized drivers
  • The interior of the car
  • Damage or loss of car keys and equipment
  • Damage to the engine
  • Wrong Fuel
  • Damage that caused due to driving off-road or on inappropriate roads.
  • Damage to the under part of the car.
  • Complete tires destruction.
  • Damages that caused after the agreed return time.
  • Burning out the clutch, burning out the tires.
  • Accident/Damage under the influence of alcohol or drugs.